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Fallen Friends.

This has been happening quite a lot recently. A burst of friends falling victim to some sort of emotional stress and what seems like emotional problems, break ups, university problems, life problems, family problems, depression and so many other kinds of problems its hard to keep up. I find it difficult to see one good person that usually shines so bright with positive energy that when I see their faces turn cold and for them to become miserable, I swear a part of me dies.

And I just want you to know that when you are falling from that emotional cold cliffside with no water to land at the bottom. I’ll be there, to break your fall. With no second thoughts.

Nothing more upsets me than seeing you like this. Shine bright.

Watch me fall.


25th December. Every year. ‘ts The Season

Next time you blow your money on useless things for people. Please, take one second to think about the children, families, human beings and animal brothers that are falling apart in other parts of the world before you spend that money on useless products.