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December 27th, 2010


Are a zine, based in here in the U.K. I randomly stumbled on to their zine whilst scouring the endless reblogs on Tumblr. The guys said that they’d send some free zines if you emailed them. So I did email and them and 2 days before Christmas I received my Zine for free. Only 300 are printed. I just wanted to thank these fine and kind human beings for making something positive in the world and to “Shine bright”. Thank you.


December 18th, 2010

I bought a new coat at the beginning of this month/end of last month. Heres a stock picture.

It looks better on me.

December 12, 2010

Like a cell phone full of numbers but not one soul I want to call.

December 6th, 2010

I am currently writing this on an X5 coach to Oxford. Thank you Stagecoach for your WIFI. The last time I went to Oxford I had the best best time. And it was also last year that I last visited the sweet city of dreaming spires (December 9th, 2009). Kinda sucks that the reason I would have gone more isn’t there anymore. That bums me out. I couldn’t sleep well last night. Got to hang with Nate and his cats, being with friendly company is good company. It’s going to be weird being in Oxford. Fuck, it’s probably going to upset me more than anything else. But for some reason, I woke up and felt like going out of the blue. Here’s to 3 hour journeys. I’ll probably add some pictures later on. It’s only 8:46AM and I’ve only gotten to St.Neots.

Instead of watching movies, Im listening to this fine album:

December 2nd, 2010

Its that silly time of the year again. Where everyone goes crazy for their loved ones. Its almost an adventurous event to watch. Its also known as Christmas. And it has brainfucked the lives of so many with its utter bullshit, BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY. The only good thing about Christmas is the family values, nothing else but the value of family. And for some reason, to show “love”, you give your “loved” ones gifts. Now, the rich will buy their “loved” ones many gifts to show their love, rings, cars, chocolates etc. Whilst, the poorer families struggle to even get food onto their table.

I cannot express how much Christmas frustrates me and the lack of charitable things people do, the selfishness of humans sickens me greatly. Please, adopt an animal, give food to the homeless, make someone smile (I’ve tried so many times before and have failed). Because these common human traits which we all are deficient.