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November 21st, 2010

So it seems the chemicals in my brain are going over-board as per usual. It also seems the moon/air or my general luck has gotten worse. Nothing new there, right? But seriously, some things that have been going on have been plain strange and the amount of coincidences that have appeared ‘unexplained’ are unquestionable, yet still questionable.

I find it very strange how people seek compliments and flattery. I personally find it very immature of oneself to seek such flattery for no greater good but to encourage the growth of an ego. Wasted talent never became love. Instead it became how to unlearn their love for their talent and to learn how to love themselves in such a way that any other person is not worth their time. Arrogance is a beast, and it likes to be fed with compliments and flattery. Hence, why you may have never heard me say such complimentary things to individuals, unless they truly and only truly deserve it. But how do you know if someone deserve it? Some individuals are selfish. They don’t deserve it all, until they sort out their priorities.

I also find it strange how many people take pictures of themselves, again to gain attention. Nothing but flattery. Maybe, its because I don’t find myself attractive or beautiful that I find it so strange. Maybe this is why my facebook picture is of Bill Murray and that I never post pictures of myself on my blogs nowadays. Who wants to see a non existent person? No one, because that person doesn’t even exist to even value, see, believe, notice.

None of this makes sense to me.

So here is living life; the underdogs life in a world where the Kings rule the worlds, that we both built.

I thought this felt right to be posted here. A clear message for those asking for so much and actually succeeding. Sadness overruns me.