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Tuning in.

I havent properly done an actual PROPER update in what seems to be like forever. Obviously, this blog which was meant to be all my positive and negative encounters have been overrun by the negative side. That shit sucks, hate it so much. Unfortunately, its how I feel, blah blah. I guess I’ll write to my old internet friend as to tell you whats been happening. Not a lot, but some stuffs been going down.

I recently got asked to play for a friends band and we’re currently writing an EP/Split, the band already have a Demo that is available to purchase from their store or you can even buy it from Itunes. Its cool, that I got asked as I wasnt expecting it, I feel really honoured that I’ve got a chance to play with a decent band, not to sound like a prick, but I’m pretty excited. I’ve got to jam some EMGs into my Ibanez. Got myself a Gibson Les Paul a few weeks ago from Guildford. That place is full of weird people. So the Gibsons used for my other band that Im writing for, more or less my “baby”. All names will be dropped on this blog and most probably tumblr once I can be bothered to. Miles Away and Carpathian played London a few weeks ago, both bands were awesome. And I got to catch up on Ruiners last show, its a shame but hey. Im going to head off now as the Apple dudes are looking at me real funny. I’ll continue to write this up later, i guess. Euro dudes next to me making some sweet German dance beats on Logic, haha jokes.

This is me looking like a scumbag, beards suck, hating life hard.

Bang, deleted the photo. Because I’m so fucking ugly.

“Good times were always followed by bad ones” – IN


Oh Scarlett…

Don’t you go breaking young boys hearts.

Truck stop.

I nearly got hit by a truck in London last week. And in all honesty and seriousness it shouldn’t have stopped.

Lost in translation

Just such a good movie.

Hero sunk.

I’m considering writing a little blog post as to why I believe (personally) why people should not have heroes. Because they all fail you in the end. Arrogance, sell outs, everything you thought that was good about them is over taken by their petty mindless greed. They’re not what they seem. They are no gods, and they are deffiently not any sort of saviours to the world. There is absolutely noone to look up to nowadays. Noone at all.

Thanks to the heroes that I looked up to in the past. Now I see what you really are. Nothing more than shitty people with shitty attitudes. Fuck you.


Cutie pooch.


For girls that wear:

White shirts,

Black bras,


Brilliant combo. And it’s a plus if the jeans are ripped at the knees as Im a sucker for girls knees, haha.

It’s always about classy girls not tarty chicks. Fuck this jeggings shite.