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The obbsession, the depression: II

20th July 2010.

Went back to my good friend Simon to my other ankle. The same day, Sam Parker got tattooed for the first time!



Please don’t come back. Bringing back bad memories I’d rather forget and bringing back the cold isn’t good for me.

Letters: Letters

Some sort of kind note.

My life is becoming this film.


He held his breath to hold your hand,
To hear the words to the picture he’d seen.
Watched how you reached for your things to leave,
To walk a block to the car that would take you home
To where you belong.
These hours just made it worse,
For now you’re far from here.
But oh, it was worth it;
‘Cause you’ll always be close to his heart.
You’ll always be close to his heart.


I am sad.


I will realise something. Probably that I dislike a lot of people and that I get taken for a ride even from the most “genuine” people in my life.

Anyway, I feel like a large storm is brewing and binding it’s time inside my head. Which undoubtably will paralyse some part of me dead.

I guess. I can only wait. Time, an old friend, a companion.

Dreams: I dreamt that someone and I were hanging out. I held out my hand and that someone took my hand without any second thoughts. And with a smile that lift me.

We were looking for things in an American store. Vegan m & ms, vegan anything! It was nice. I felt content.

In reality; this is never ever going to happen. This is a dream, I guess.

Things to always come back to…

when you’re lost.