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Miles Away Posters

On the 21st January, I got this…


I can’t quite explain how excited I become when I receive parcels, let alone overseas ones.

Here’s what was inside…

Miles Away Posters & Shirt.

Big thanks to Adam Crowe!

The word “Pointless” and a kick in the face.

So why are you like this, today? Why did you even wake up today? Tell me the answer? Oh, really?


Bright Skies.

Thanks for the comfort.

Your absolute welcome.


I watched this film a few weeks ago, out of the blue on Television. I think its a brilliant film. Deffiently worth a watch. Check out the trailer


Even though “today” hasnt finished yet. It was yet another bad day. I woke up at 5:55AM only to have a song in my head (The Carrier, if you wanted to know). Woke up, had breakfast. Beautiful day. But it wasnt great and its weird how I dont like today, or at the moment, not enjoying it.

I thought the weather would do me good. All I’ve been doing today is playing guitar and debating what I should eat for lunch at 4:30PM. Something is wrong. Weird.

Oh and if you havent checked out a band called In Remembrance, click on the name and you’ll get to hear what they sound like

The weather was good 15/03/2010

Shame, I wasnt good 15/03/2010