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Sinking In Bermuda: chapter one.




Honestly…What the fuck?

Man, I need Vans Print by J.J. Chopping

You may have read this on my tumblr, however I thought it would be more of worthiness on my wordpress. As it is more organised and easier to assess which unfortunately Tumblr lacks.

So here it is:

Man, I need Vans...

My bro Jamie J. Chopping made some prints of these “Man, I need Vans” for the Haiti raising charity show in Norwich which my friends bands Jackals and Lonewolves played.

Solid show, it was a nice night involving getting train replacement buses to Ely. Then a train journey to Norwich, and then a short taxi ride to the Marquee.

Funny thing is…

My Vans were okay before I got this print. Next day…I got holes in them. So big up Jamie for letting me buy the prints and also thanks for killing my Vans!

Man, I need more FUCKING VANS!

Also big up Apryl and Stephanie for their mad vegan treat skills and for them to save me a few cookies at the show. They raised quite a bit from the cookie sales to for the charity!

21st Feburary 2010

Melons, 365 days a year

Who said it was out of season for melons in the U.K?



A vision some people deserve to see

Which I do not.

Routine Biting Hard







Home, now becoming an empty space.

500 Days of Summer

I bought this movie a few days ago. As good friends of mine suggested that I should see it. Im a big fan of Lost In Translation so I guess they figured me out.

The movie itself is well written and laid and planned out really well. I enjoyed watching it. Its just that I saw quite a lot of myself in Tom, which only made me think that this “brilliant” film is quite frankly depressing. Zooey Deschanel is a lovely lady.

Its a good watch.