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The obbsession, the depression: I

27th January 2010.

I’ve got to edit this still.

I hit it to London to get tattooed by Simon Erl. He’s the nicest brother ever alongside Verran whom took me to the shop as I had no idea where it was, although I’ve been there before with Rob Millett and Gavin Sheldrake. I woke up at 5am and caught the train at 9. My appointment was at 1:00pm.

Here’s what went down…

Simon Erl

The Depression.


17th January 2010

“Waking up everyday to this sometimes uninspiring world is what keeps us going. But the dreams and visions we have before we wake, is what keeps us alive.”

Macbook + Pro Vegan Straight Edge

Thanks to lack of working technology in my house, I haven’t been able to blog for ages! December has been nuts for me as I bet it has been for everyone. I was meant to write loads on what I had done etc etc. I went to the Obey sample sale in London, met up with a good friend, got my knee tattoos booked, went to Oxford for the first time. getting tattooed again on the 27th January with the legit sir, Simon Erl. Then on the 2nd of February I’m getting tattooed by Alison Manners as she’s hitting it to the U.K. Im sure I’ll be writing up about that as I’ve got some legit stuff to write up about.

Hanging with Daniel Mayhew, Tuka and Seany P


February =

loads of these:

and this

Holding on…


Unfortunately it’s not working out for me. And everyday it just drags on and on and I “achieve” nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’ve got a broken face, a minefield filled mind and constant bad luck.

“feel it in my soul, i’m not content”

But this is amazing though haha…


For future reference I am writing these words… I’m hearing voices, they get me down. Just watch me fall apart and fade away.

Happy New Year

Having a broken laptop and trying to blog from my phone is just so crap. 2009 the year of the swine (flu) is over and now we all are welcoming 2010.

Happy new year,
Here’s to messy rooms, rad prints and bright skies.