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Wishing for Clarity

A never ending siege is rotting my mind. I just want to write and everytime I want to do, it doesn’t want to. I’m a solid guitar player and I can make solid riffs as I’m a riffing machine. But falling victim to this horrible mental state isn’t helping. The aftermath, is that I am isolating myself in my room only to claw at the Walls that I’ve gotten to know so well from frustation at the disease named “writers block”.

I need some clarity in my own life.


December 18th, 2009

I could live this day over and over again as my groundhog day. It was snowing in the morning which made the trains delay, however I didnt care as the snow couldnt stop me going to see Aurélia and go to the Obey sample sale in london. Firstly I went to the Obey sample sale and got bargains and then made my way to see and hang with Aurélia after her appointment in South Kensington.

All I can say is,

I was content.

I miss this.

I miss you.

25th December. Every year. ‘ts The Season

Next time you blow your money on useless things for people. Please, take one second to think about the children, families, human beings and animal brothers that are falling apart in other parts of the world before you spend that money on useless products.