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Martha Cooper/ Obey Collaberation

Leap Of Faith

I only just saw this and its a shame that I never got to pick up both the T shirt and the Print. I am pretty sure I will be getting the print sometime no doubt!

She has a book that she has released, I am not too sure when it was published. I am interested in seeing what its like though. Shame Borders is closing down.

Street Play

ARTIST BIO: Martha Cooper

Martha Cooper is a documentary photographer who has specialized in documenting urban vernacular art and architecture for over thirty years. In 1977, Martha moved to New York City and worked as a staff photographer on the NY Post for three years. During that time she began to shoot graffiti and break dancing, subjects which led to her extensive coverage of early Hip Hop as it emerged from the Bronx.

Martha’s first book Subway Art, has been in print since 1984 and is affectionately called the “Bible” by graffiti artists worldwide. Her next book, R.I.P.: Memorial Wall Art looks at memorial murals in NYC and Hip Hop Files 1980-1984 contains hundreds of rare, early Hip Hop photos. We B*Girlz is an intensive look at girls who breakdance worldwide, and Street Play and New York State of Mind are her collections of NYC photos from the late 70’s. Her latest book, Tag Town shows the evolution of graffiti style from early tags to complicated pieces.

Martha’s work has been widely exhibited in museums and galleries and published in numerous magazines from National Geographic to Vibe. She lives in Manhattan where she is the Director of Photography at City Lore, the New York Center for Urban Folk Culture.




I’ve always said that I wanted to go to Australia, I will by the end of next year and hopefully after that, I will stay there for a year. It looks amazing…


Obey Burmese Monk Print part 2

Remember me saying that they sold out of these within an hour and a half? This print was 45 US dollars and now people are selling theirs for some what 215 US dollars! what the hell?!

23rd November 2009 (Twilight Saga: New Moon)

So today, Annie (my good friend that I work with) and I both had a day off so we decided to hit up CineWorld and watch the Twilight; New Moon movie. The first showing of the day was at 12:15 for New Moon. I caught the bus to Cambridge as per usual. I was the first dude to walk into the cinema too! There was only about 10 people in the cinema for New moon. It came out on the 20th november and its now the 23rd. Apparently there was these girls screaming everytime Jacob or Edward were on the screen. Pretty lucky we didnt get any lame arses on our screening!

I have heard mixed views on the movie itself. Personally, when it finished I was like…”yeah, it was alright” and now that its settled into my brain, I think its pretty good! Mind you, I havent actually read all the books yet whereas Annie has and knows what the books like. The wolves were fucking cool! I love wolves, so I was stupidly excited. Result about the movie? I need to start working out as I’ve been telling everyone “Skinny is the new buff” haha.

23/11/2009, 10:41am, Bus to Cambridge, Bright skies and countrysides

Annie being rad!

18th November 2009

Nothing drives me up the wall more than a messy room. I got a pretty French girl coming to my house soon and my room is a tip! Its not as bad as this now, but still…

Tip is for tit

17th November 2009

This is what I wrote in the morning of 17th November 2009 on my tumblr:

Today is going to be shit. It hasn’t even started or ended but I know for a fact that it’s going to be shite. First thing I wake up is actually thinking of someone. That isn’t normal for me as I’m usually thinking about what I’m supposed to do. This post is so lame but I’m on my bus and I can’t be arsed to just stare out my window like usual as that makes me fucking miserable. Also I love it that noones sitting next to me on my bus today. That’s sweet!

No breakfast today, nothing good in my life apart from a select few good friends and my family.

Wagamamas with Sophie and the crew? Yes please.

After work, one of my besties Daniel Mayhew decided to grab a Pizza with me. He kindly enough bought me some pizza (it was two for one in the cow, so it was rad!). I however couldnt eat it all, but its always cool hanging with positive energy. He took some pictures of me and heres a result…