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Random visits

Not too long ago, this young lady came into my shop. She asked me if we sold “her favourite” cookies. I suggested these other ones which were vegan and more chocolatey. I hope she liked it, because they are killer good!

Ellen Page…yeah no biggie


Water melons…

“Would you like to see my melons, miss?”

I bought yet another T shirt today, from the usual store. Its a pretty funny T shirt I’d say. But it makes me full on cool though.

So…Do you want to suck on my melon?

Crashing down…

23rd October 2009

So true….


I actually bought some new vans two days ago. I posted some damaged/dying Vans on my tumblr, which I have been highly active on recently. I should post them through here though as WordPress is my baby.

Lost In Translation

I have seen this movie over 100 times and now I’ve lost count.

Bob & Charlotte

Falafel Hangs

Falafel hangs in Cambridge with my friends are becoming increasingly popular. We all go to a little stall in Town (opposite Office and Cafe Nero) called “Taste of Cambridge” and its a vegetarian food stall, only feet away from a hot dog stall where all the “normal” people go, to eat their corpse dogs. Taste of Cambridge was once known as to some people in Cambridge as “Mouth Music” and then they stopped business for about 9 months to a year and the guy by the name of Artur and his lovely wife Menna decided to take over with a new name. Its the best place for veg food which isnt too pricey and doesnt taste like plastic like those disgusting “bugsy” sandwiches from Boots. The falafels just rule and even the meat eaters are enjoying it for once!

Its all homemade too! The falafels are vegan but theres more vegetarian options than there are vegan ones. Sometimes there are soup of the days and there is a vegetarian option which is aubergine bake, its got cheese in it. So i couldnt try it to tell you unfortunately.

The falafels are £3.90, exactly the same price as a falafel panini from Star bucks but its better to have a fresh one though from Taste of Cambridge. Big thanks to Artur and Menna! They rule!

falafel hang

falafel hang

Drinking water and eating falafel in starbucks with Daniel Mayhew

Drinking water and eating falafel in starbucks with Daniel Mayhew

I bought a new jacket 14/10/2009

So Today I decided to buy a jacket. Well actually I went into my local shop Dogfish and asked the kind gentlemen there whom helped me out and transfered over a Small size from their other shop. Its a Carhartt Crest Jacket and its bloody GOOD! I feel ultra sexy and warm when ever I walk outside! I havent bought a coat in about 7 years, so I thought it would be about time that I would get something more up to date. Dont get me wrong, I still love the coat that I’ve worn all those years.

I cant find a decent picture and the colour that i have (its like darkish grey). But heres a stock;

It looks better on me, trust me.