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American Vegan Treeats!

I had a little suprise when I went to work one day and found these bad boys with my name on it…
American v treats

They were pretty nice tasting chocolate. One of them tasted like a Snickers bar and the other a Mars bar! It was like chocolate heaven. Thanks Corina, appreciate it loads! =]

…And 2 weeks or so ago, a new place opened up in Cambridge. Its called Shakeaway and its a milkeshake place. The first day the shop opened which was a saturday they offered the first 50 people free milkshakes. As usual, I was busted as there were way over 50 people queueing up for their free milkshake fix. That, upset me greatly.

However the next day I went in and bought a vegan chocolate cherry milkshake with soy ice cream too. It came up to about £5.75

milkoshake oh
It was THE fucking shit though! =]


Two Lovers.

My colleague/co worker/workfellow/ friend Annie, has been letting me borrow some of her movie collection. As said by her “You really havent seen many movies have you”. Shes French too, so its super cute when she says certain words. If you ever meet a French girl/bloke, ask them to say “Caramel”, yep good stuff.

Two Lovers

Two Lovers has got the cast Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw. Its a really good film, I got put off by the title, however it is actually really good watch. About a bloke (joaquin Phoenix) kind of involved in a strange love triangle situation. Bloke likes one girl, girl likes other bloke, other girl likes first bloke. Its not a romantic film at all, but if you like Lost in Translation and like dark atmospheric kind of movies, I highly recommend this movie. Its nice, oh and it might be alright if you got your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/friend to watch it with you too.

This is Joaquins’ last movie that he has done before growing a beard and being a rapper.

You can see the trailer here: Two Lovers Trailer

But really, you have to watch it to understand it.

May I add that the film has one of the best/greatest club scenes that I have ever witnessed. Most films go downhill at the club scenes for some reason.


Since being Vegan, i’ve been living in Vans slip-on shoes. They only last about 6 – 8 months and then I need another pair. The usual damage is where my big toe is where it gets a hole on top of the show to welcome rain and the heel which gets worn out. Regardless of those annoying wear and tears. Thought I’d write up a diary of each of these shoes that I get.

Rob Millett (my good friend) hooked me up with the “authentic” pair of Vans from his work place. Its better than the slip-ons for sure. I actually love Vans! Im going to be living in them forever…

I havent got a picture of my one yet, but its been about 2 months since having them.

Welcome, The Authentic into my life…

So…you got a parcel from Sweden?

I sure did! And from a really cool friend of mine! She was kind enough to send me some terrific swedish vegan goods and even sneakily baked me some homemade vegan mars bars! A-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING.

This was waiting for me at home when I got back from work…


Thank you, Malin! =]

London 29.07.2009

…On the 29th of July. I got my tattoos done in Londaaaaan, the capital city of England. Its always nice to see the capital and especially with my best friend Benji. Last time I went to London was with James Burke whom now plays for The Argent Dawn , to see Bleeding Throughs show at the Underworld.

First off I had to get a train from Huntingdon to London Kings Cross. As Benji was at Peterborough which was the stop before huntingdon we decided that I would get onto the same train as he would. Umm…That didnt go to plan as some idiot decided to throw himself into a train at Stevenage, which was a few stops ahead of Huntingdon and the trains started to delay. I saw Jaime Randall at the train station when he was waiting for a delayed train to Peterborough which is one stop away, and he was waiting for an hour and a half i think. He was only trying to get to Peterborough to get to houghton to see his parents (jaime if that was the wrong place…please tell me to re edit this please). Jaime also spotted a cat on the tracks which i took a picture of. As jaime said, it was “CATastrophic”. After a few moments of “I really hope that cat doesnt get hit by a train”, the cat decided to wonder off the tracks and probably went home for a bacon sarnee. It was good seeing Jaime and we had a good catch up whilst waiting for these delayed trains, shame the duders moved to Biggleswade! He has a decent band, deffiently check them out! My Vessel. Its pretty organic and the blokes got a great talent for making pop hits.

So I caught the train to London and my tattoo appointment was like at 2pm. I was getting agitated on my uncomfortable seat on the train to London. As I arrived at Kings Cross station, I met up with Benji 15 minutes after arriving. He got the fast train straight in from Peterborough, lucky git. So we both strolled to the tattoo parlour named “The Family Business Tattoos” for my appointment with Dom Holmes. Dom, is actually the politest person in the world. Very calm, nice and very very down to earth. My nerves came and hit me in the face before I got tattooed. I honestly feel intimidated everytime I go into a studio, yet I felt very comfortable when getting tattooed. The tattoo parlour itself is a very very clean and tidy place, nice positive vibes.

After the tattoo, Benji and I hit it to Red Veg where I ate and smashed loads of burgers! He wasnt feeling the burgers so he got something from the Tescos opposite Red Veg. Good times, good times!

I’ll be getting my knees done, the next time I go see Dom.

Killed Burgers at Red Veg!


Bored? Sleepyhead?

Sometimes i feel like i am actually losing my mind. So i read Harry Potter books because i am that bored.