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‘Forget your memories or let them hurt you there’s no cure for the island disease’

A month ago, i saw this…


And fell in love it and instantly bought it from Ink Limited. The actual process of how it was made, interested me even more. It is Gold Kids limited edition poster.

“This is not silkprinted, it’s handpressed. Even though the result is really similar to the wood cut print and linoleum engraving, the whole process takes so many hours more of work to get it done.”

I asked ARO the guy that made 35 of these limited editions, if i could use his images of the process that he went through to make these beautiful collaborations between himself and Gold Kids.

I now have this piece in my room! I custom framed it and yet, its still not on my damn wall! I’ll take a picture of it once its up though!

Thanks to Ink Limited for letting me write this blog up! Best dudes ever and you should totally BUY the stuff that they have released for bands, its all limited number, be it clothes or the poster. Bands such as: Gold Kids, In Remembrance, Carpathian, 50 Lions and more…

You can Purchase from HERE and they also have a sick blog, which is worth a read.

Also, a massive thank you to the Italian art mastermind ARO! The mates a complete legend! and you should check his stuff out!

If you want one of those posters, better hurry up as there is only like 4 left.

Oh and I have number 7 of 35


I made myself a new friend

Last week I bought myself an IPhone 3GS and god are they amazing! I would have never thought that mobile technology would just evolve so quickly. I love it so much. It’s white too… Props to Adam Powell for telling me off for thinking of getting the black one.


Last day of the ‘Mo’

I havent made an update in ages, due to me either finishing off college work which i now have finished after ages! God key skills is annoying! or either that I’ve been a lazy matey. So as i havent updated my moustache diary, i thought I’d post the last few pics I did! It was rad time having the mo for 4 – 5 weeks. Totally started talking to chicks saying “girls love moustaches, they just dont know it yet” and random crap like that ha. Before i post these pictures up, i really need to update on Phils leaving party, i was meant to do that back in june, however again college came into play! I promise i will write up about that day…I stayed awake for about 35 hours, started losing my mind, was an awesome time!

I looked rad ha.

IPhone Pictures updated 001

Real cute.