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Lost In Translation.

No joke, but this movie never seems to get old. Ever.



I have one mean ass moustache (diary)

As of late. I have seen a few dudes with moustaches on music tours, on the street, my manager etc…

So i got inspired by those folks and decided that i would too join the pledge against the clean shaven man.

You may also notice that i am wearing quite a fair bit of The Red Shore merch. What can i say…i really like The Red Shore! =]

Day 3


Looking really happy =]

Day 6



My little brother and i being legends…


Thats my brothers  hand…not mine.

Day 9


Happy again, and slowly getting more bushier.

Day 11


The T shirt says it all really? haha. Im not really noticing a difference now apart from that its growing onto my lip hahahaha!

Day 14 – 2 weeks!


I look happier as the days go on. Pretty keen to shave it off now! But NEVER!

3 Weeks 2 days


I am pretty cool huh, huh, huh?!?!

A first to a beginning

It was about time i started to get wordpress. I think its a pretty cool thing, also because im leaving college pretty soon, ill be able to write down each thing thats pretty rad in my life, from travels to tattoos, to random hang outs and food adventures and new people i will be meeting along the way. Hopefully ill be traveling around this year and the oncoming year! should be sweet either way.

This is the beginning to everything.

time is wrong by an hour! ha